Dredge Fishing Accessories

If you want to catch more fish or compete in a tournament, plan on learning more about dredge fishing.  We carry everything you will need to set up your dredge.  From Strip Teaser baits, rubber shad teaser baits, to the wire used to rig your own Splittail mullet.  We carry the most popular dredges used by the pros including Tournament Cable, Zing, and Offshore Innovations.  Fast snaps, quick clips, fishing bait springs, single sleeves and snap swivels for customizing your dredge are all at your fingertips in the dredge fishing section. We carry dredges by Zing, Tournament Cable and are back in stock on the popular "Holographic" teaser baits.

  • Squidnation Dredge Squidnation Dredge

    Squidnation Dredge

    Squidnation Dredges are taking over.  Proven, and available in 5 configurations. 12" Naked Bar 24" Naked Bar w Tension loops 24" Bar with 2 loops per arm 36" Naked Bar w Tension loops 36" Bar with 2 loops per arm  

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  • Fish Razr Dredges Mag 6 style
Sailfish Bar w loops
Sailfish Bar Tension Loop

    Fish Razr Dredges

    Just arrived, a substitute for Zing Dredges! Plenty in stock! Light 6 Arm bar w loops, 22"  Light 6 Arm bar w loops, 32"  Heavy Sailfish Bar .125 28" w 2 loops per arm Heavy Sailfish Bar .125 38" Straight Arms, no loops Heavy Sailfish Bar ...

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  • Teaser Wires

    Teaser Wires

    Teaser Wires in four sizes for attaching your 12" shads or other baits to the dredge. These pin wires are attached to a swivel to avoid baits spinning.

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  • Teaser Pin Rigs Teaser Pin Rigs

    Teaser Pin Rigs

    Pin rigs are now sold individually so you can order exactly what size you need.  One size has a 1oz Egg Lead for Ballyhoo Teasers, one has a 3oz Egg Lead for Mullet Teasers.  The open ended pin rigs allow you to easily add any lure, skirt,...

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  • 9" Sassy Shad

    9" Sassy Shad

    Action Plastics : 9" Sassy shads are available in Black/Pearl, Jet Black, and Pink/Clear/Fleck.  The most popular dredge teaser fish around.  We sell this teaser all over the world including Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, and throughout the U.S...

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  • 12" Sassy Shad

    12" Sassy Shad

    12" Action Plastics Dredge Shad is new, sleeker, less drag, and in 5 great colors. The most popular dredge bait for pros fishing Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Florida, and the Mid-Atlantic states.  We stock the following colors" Black/Pearl Jet...

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  • Squidnation Squids

    Squidnation Squids

    Squidnation Squids in the 9" and 12" Mauler series now available. We stock eight colors, Black, Hot Pink, Natural, Electric Blue, Rasta, Green, Red, and Purple.  These squids take on new meaning when they hit the water.  Fantastic...

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  • Moldcraft Dredge Mackerel

    Moldcraft Dredge Mackerel

    Brand New and hot off the presses at Moldcraft is the "new" Dredge Mackerel.  This is an item that has been in the Moldcraft Arsenal for many years but just noticed as an excellent dredge bait.  It is 12" long, weighs 5oz. and is easy to...

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